ETI Power Ranger

HYDRAULIC GREASE AUTOMATIC LUBE, the same as Power Chief, uses an injector as a grease distributor. Equipped with controller, hose fittings. This product is suitable for heavy equipment that requires far more grease consumption than other pumps. Capacity starting from 100 kg, 200 kg and custom sizes.

*also custumize tank dimention as needed

Benefits to using an automatic lubrication system:

Hydraulic Grease Pump Station

Hight Pressure output

ETI Interchangeable Part

Autolube Instalation Layout

  1. Timer Controller
  2. Grease Pump Hydraulic Driven
  3. 4 Way / Reciprocating Valve
  4. 3 Way Solenoid Valve
  5. Grease Pressure Switch
  6. Vent Valve
  7. Grease Canister / Tank
  8. Main Line Hose
  9. Feed Line Hose
  10. EL-V-XL Injectors
  11. EL-V- Injectors
  12. EL-1 Injectors
  13. EL-LBH Injectors
  14. Pressure Reducing Valve