FM 200 FIRE SUPPRESSION, an automatic extinguisher for the heavy equipment industry and others and also suitable for electrical rooms such as Panels, Servers, Transformers etc. Using FM200 gas media which is more effective than other gas media. ETI FM-200 (HFC 227ea, known chemically as Heptafluoropropane is a colourless, odourless gas that is liquefied under pressure for storage. It is thermally and chemically stable, but without the extremely long atmospheric lifetime associated with other proposed Halon replacements.

Application area for ETI FM-200 Gas Fire Suppression System

The ETI FM-200 flooding system is pre-engineered and ready to install. One system covers spaces up to 250 cubic metres. It is an ideal fire safety solution for applications such as:



Under Ground Parking Lots

Electric Utilities

Maribe Vessels

Automotive Factories

Computer and Server Room

Delicate Electricak Equiptment

Industrial Control Room

Machinery Spaces

Server Room


Air Traffic Management Centre

Financial Networks

Switch Gear Room

Battery Room

High Density Areas

Petroleum Storage



Data Centre

Storage Areas

Telecomunication Centre

Medical Equipment and Facilities

Museum and Libraries

Military Facilities

Archive Stores

Cell Sites

Flammable Liquid Storage

Train and Air Port