Standard, Firewire and High Current (HC) Fire Alarm & Engine Shutdown

ETI’s high current “System Status Indicating Panel” – “Control Panel” has the same functionality as the standard model, with some additional features, the en­gine shutdown contacts are rated at 30 Amperes. This allows the option of wiring via the ignition system of the machine, protected through the alarm shutdown contacts. In effect this mandates that the machine may only operate if the control panel does not have a shutdown indication. There is also a second 30 Ampere relay fitted. On actual shutdown, this will provide voltage at 30 Amps capacity for a timed period of one minute. This has been provided in case there are any safety processes such as lowering boom or bucket that needs to be safely shutdown or other equipment or function provided that needs power to be energised at time of shutdown.

  1. Designed to AS5062 Standard
  2. Robust High Temperature, Poly Butylene Terephthalate (PBT) case
  3. Waterproof Protection Structure designed to meet IP67 rating
  4. Reset and test function
  5. Power indicator
  6. Audio and visual indication on fire detection
  7. Low pressure cylinder monitor (optional)
  8. Shutdown contacts
  9. Shutdown delay capability is variable. A standard choice of 6,12 or 24 seconds delay to shutdown
  10. Shut down delay can be any number of seconds, as per special requirement
  11. Shutdown reset function
  12. Alarm panel can operate from 12VDC or 24VDC
  13. Panels are robust and compact
  14. Key reset feature on ALMPNRESET
  15. Engine shutdown contacts rated at 30 Amperes in ALMASPNHC
  16. Two 30 Ampere delay contacts provided in ALMASPNHC


Part Number: Description
ALMASHCOPT Alarm Panel Optical System
ALMASPN Alarm Panel AS Comp Red/Yellow
ALMASPN-FW Alarm Panel Fire Wire
ALMASPN-IN Alarm Panel Electronic Actuate
ALMASPN-JX Alarm Panel Keyed Yellow
ALMASPNHC Alarm Panel High Current
ALMASPNHC-FW Alarm Panel HC Fire Wire
ALMASPNHC-JX Alarm Panel HC Keyed Yellow
APALASSY2BAR Alarm Pressure Switch
APALASSY9BAR Low Pressure Switch


  1. ON = Green LED
  2. ALARM = Red LED with audible pulsating buzzer. Engine shutdown occurs after specified time period and ENGINE SHUTDOWN LED illuminates
  3. Cylinder low pressure option = CYLINDER
  4. PRESSURE LOW LED illuminates with an audible pulsating buzzer
  5. Panel test = the panel may be tested by pressing and holding the RED TEST switch for 5 seconds until the alarms activate
  6. Wiring connections as per instruction manual